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    How to write a great CV

    How to write a great CV If you’re looking for jobs online – retail jobs, jobs in security, trade positions – then you’ll soon find out how important your CV is. Just about every job you apply for is going to want to see a CV, so it’s crucial that your CV is the best

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    ten reasons why you will not get a security jobs

    Ten Reasons why you will not get a Security Job

    Prior to setting up Security Jobs UK we have interviewed thousands of people in our security careers and yet the basics are still missing from job applicants. If you are not prepared to make an effort for your job interview then why should you get the job? Listed below are ten reasons why you will

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    Security Jobs11

    Top Five Security Jobs

    So which are the Top Five Security Jobs that are most popular in the UK Security Industry? Top 5 most popular Security Jobs in the UK is really a guide to what Security Industry Authority Licence one should apply for in terms of the best security job opportunities and on the back that the most popular

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    Security Jobs

    In our view finding the right security personnel is easy (well we do own a job site) Regardless of the position in your security company retaining quality personnel requires skill and outstanding management.

    Have you ever looked at how other companies outside the security industry achieve staff retention? Lets be honest how many Managers in the security industry have the right people skill? Great schedulers and plate spinners maybe, but what are their people skills up to speed? They should be. Just a thought!

    Regardless of how security companies retain their security personnel we think that there is so much hidden talent out there, its just not being encouraged enough. Standby for our Executive Recruitment service. Unbelievably inexpensive, refreshing and delivering you highly motivated personnel.

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